Sri Lanka Premier League Kicks off with GENOCIDAL™ Undertones

[TamilNet, Monday , 13 August2012, 00:45 GMT]

Few days ago, the Sri Lankan Premier League was inaugurated with great pomp and ceremony. However, TamilNet sports commentator in Colombo has noticed some cunning ways in which those Sinhaloids have used something even as innocent as cricket to commit a very sneaky form of GENOCIDE™.

Eyebrows were first raised when it emerged that the main sponsor of the SLPL was an Indian conglomerate by the name of Mahindra Group. Subsequent research by quick-thinking Tamil think-tanks revealed that no such corporation by that name even exists. Therefore, this is a blatant smokescreen to ensure that the SLPL was immediately associated with the evil Sinhala Overlord, Mahinda Rajapakse. Tamil circles are wailing in disbelief (a popular diASSpora pastime) that he would dare impose his own name on the tournament in such a blatant way.

Another unbelievable act of underhand GENOCIDE™ lies with the company that distributes the global broadcasting rights for the tournament, namely Sport Solutionz. This company, which allegedly exists in India, also failed to show up on a corporate search carried out by Tamil political circles. Tamil political squares are hence of the view that this too is a bogus business whose sole purpose is to propagate a subliminal message of GENOCIDE™, what with the name Sport Solutionz conjuring up images of the Final Solution practised by the Nazis and their equally evil Sinhaloid Aryan descendants. This is evidently a carefully planned crime against Tamils!

Exacerbating this situation are the commentators. These merchants of the verbose have been paid to call out sixers and crucial stages of matches in tandem with the sponsor’s name. We will no doubt be hearing Ramiz Raja and Co. enthusiastically declare phrases such as, “That’s a Mahindra Maximum®!” and “It’s a Mahindra Moment of GENOCIDE™!”

All of this is a sneakily concocted plan to advance the thought of GENOCIDE™ in the minds of viewers all over the world. All free-thinking Tamils urge cricket fans to boycott the SLPL. As with our previous boycotts, We Thamizh are sure this too will be a great success and will teach a sound lesson to those genetically inferior Sinhaloids.