Channel 4’s “Sri Lanka’s Killings Fields: War Crimes® Unpunished” and the Unrepentant, Unpunished Sinhaloid Regime

[TamilNet, Monday, 19 March 2012, 01:00 GMT]

The Reputed and world respected broadcaster Channel 4 has released new evidence of crimes against Tamilians perpetrated by the Sinhala Regime.

Channel 4’s “Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields: War Crimes Unpunished” which first aired on March 14th 2012 has stunned the world in illustrating how the LTTE leadership was sodomised and then executed by Sinhala hordes while they were busy GENOCIDING™ Tamil civilians. This was clearly the sole reasoning behind the ferocity of the Sinhala Regimes sodomy campaign and a truly unacceptable act of GENOCIDE™ that requires a full scale investigation, where the perpetrators must be brought to justice.

There is no doubt in the minds of discerning intelligent viewers in the West (especially the Tamilian audiences) that even though these images were released to the whole world by the Sinhaloid Army itself back in April and May 2009, they are at the same time fresh and “never seen before” too. This is because they have all been upgraded into HD and hence Channel 4 is perfectly correct to claim they are “new”. Would anyone really question Channel 4 and the ethical Western media that always abides by the law, concerned only with the truth®?

There is also little doubt in the minds of We Thamizh the world over, especially in the homeland of Toilet Nadu (a bastion of academic intelligence and hub of science and free thinking) that this new evidence presented shows the damningly low levels Sinhaloids go to win their wars as seen by the manner they unforgivingly killed members of the LTTE leadership.

Who can doubt the authenticity and genuine motivations of Channel 4 in exposing these vicious Sinhalams and their criminal sodomy against innocent freedom loving Tamilians such as Vellupillar Prabakaran, Balachandran Prabakaran, Charles Anthony (a very real Tamilian name) Nadeson and Pullidevan?

The categories of honest, hard factual journalism without ounces of sensationalism and pandering to primal emotions of the Liberal binge drinking youth living unfulfilled meaningless lives (now suffering mass unemployment) and grabbing ratings is what Channel 4 is reputed for as seen by their other ground breaking programming such as “Masturbate-athon”, “Wank Week” and “Joys of Teen Sex”.

The brutal slaughters of Sinhalese squatters (hyperlink: in the Vanni back in the 70s and 80s where babies were thrown into frying pans, pregnant mothers were hacked open, Sinhala children were taken by their legs and had their heads bashed against walls and trees till their brain matter came out with their parents forced to witness these cullings before they themselves were also ethnically cleansed by mouth-frothing machete yielding Tamilian civilians ALL PALE into INSIGNIFICANCE when compared to the unforgivable and dastardly act of killing members of the LTTE after dressing them up in loin cloths and taking turns to sodomise them.

This is the core meaning of the heartbreaking message put forward by Channel 4: the LTTE and the LTTE leadership were innocent people who deserved long life and happiness. Getting rid of them and ending war in Sri Lanka permanently is a deplorable and unpardonable crime.

Yet the Sinhaloid regime remains defiant and unrepentant. Gotabaya Rajapakse, a top regime junta official, speaking to Sirasa TV immediately after the broadcast confessed he did not care what happened the LTTE leadership and was indeed the person who asked to have them sodomised if captured:

 “I didn’t tell them to kill them, but if they came with white flags they were to be sodomised. It’s written in the US Army’s ‘How to handle difficult people’ Abu Grahib edition hand book, just ask Blake. Perhaps those LTTE leaders were not tough or as smart as they pretended to be and died from over-excitement, they were old and had heart conditions”,

were the words an unrepentant Gotabaya Rajapakse rattled off in another rage-filled interview.

Clearly the Wait And See™ approach adopted by the West in dealing with vile Sinhala war criminals® who crushed the LTTE is just too slow and just too unacceptable.

Callum Macrae, Channel 4’s chief fiction writer and propagandist, in his Op-Ed to the IndependentUK details: “UN workers, specifically an Australian called Peter Mackay and other NGO workers helped build bunker camps ‘for civilians’ and transmitted precise GPS coordinates to the Sinhala hordes as a safety measure against attack.”

He then states,

“Shockingly the camp was subjected to a massive, sustained barrage of incoming shellfire, much of it falling directly on or near to the ‘UN bunker’. Dozens were killed – and many more horrifically injured. It was all photographed by the UN worker Peter Mackay. As the barrage continued, the UN workers took turns to stand clear of the bunker where they could get line of sight to make frantic satellite-phone calls to the Australian High Commission and other UN officials”.

Even though there is no explanation as to how these NGO workers managed to survive in this rain of never-ending artillery “coming from” the Sinhala Army lines – it is a great relief to know they succeeding in staying alive while mysteriously everyone else managed to die. Even when standing out in the open to make phone calls as barrage after barrage landed on their heads, they were clearly imperishable.

Speaking to TamilNet regarding this remarkable anomaly, Callum Macrae speculated that perhaps the Sinhalam scientists at Morotuwa University had designed special shells that only target Tamils or had laced them with chemicals that target only Homo Dravidian DNA. The second theory does indeed have some credence, as it was what gay rights activist Prageeth Elikigoda of LankaENews was working on prior to his abduction.

This was revealed by his family in late August 2010 after the initial story surrounding his abduction (being a cartoonist who “crossed a line” when producing soft pornographic images insulting the junta family) in January 2010 was exposed in May 2010 as a grotesque lie by the Island Paper.

However, Professor Derrick Pounder, the expert analyst contracted out to study the high resolution images to give his “live” testimony during the programme (and is thus a highly credible source as seen in his earlier work about the Israeli Army in Jenin which was tossed out as ridiculous and baseless) put out the possibility that all the Tamil civilians who were being subjected to this artillery onslaught took it on themselves to huddle around their Australian master in a shield to protect him from death, nobly sacrificing themselves to ensure the truth of the GENOCIDE™ came out.

Speaking on the programme, he noted how heart-warming it was to see that Tamilians still know their place in the world, as the 3rd class servile coolies they are to white people.

Upon this acknowledgement of the devotion of the Tamilian to his master, many Tamil circles were brimming with joy. What Professor Pounder had cleverly done was indirectly point out something the Sinhalams had forgotten: their place in the world is at the bottom.

It is something lost on them when they rudely gave the metaphorical finger to the emissaries of the West, such as Milliband and Kouchner, when the two deeply concerned gentleman parachuted into Sri Lanka in April 2009 and demanded the Sinhalams allow the LTTE leadership be taken to the Colombo Hilton for the night before being flown out of Sri Lanka to safety.

We here at TamilNet would like to take this moment to thank our UN and humanitarian NGO friends for providing tonnes of equipment and heavy vehicles to build bunkers, airstrips, ships and the glorious giant moving walls of the Vanni used to hem in Tamilian civilians and hold back the incoming hordes of Sinhalams.

We would further like to thank the International Committee of the Red Cross in particular for providing banners to designate certain locations as hospitals where the LTTEs 152mm freedom artillery pieces and ammunition stocks happened to be next to or under (a pure coincidence, of course).

As the days pass there will be more revelations about the on-going GENOCIDE™ and cruel, unfair, unjustified sodomisation of the LTTE leadership with in depth analysis. Stay tuned to TamilNet.

We leave you here exclusive footage of the final battle as unveiled by Channel 4 (viewer discretion desired).


A report by our special correspondent, the Universal Tamil (TUT).