NATO to Deploy Fighter Jets In Support Of Occupy Wall Street Movement

[TamilNet, Saturday, 15 September 2011, 13:30 GMT]

NATO has decided to send its fighter jets on bombing runs against strategic targets in the United States of America to support the growing Occupy Wall Street rebel movement against the oppressive American authorities.


“We have decided to commence bombing runs in New York, Washington DC and other major American cities. Our jets will target major government infrastructure and military assets”, NATO spokesman Colonel Roland Lavoie told reporters at a press conference.

While stopping short of putting troops on the ground, these air strikes will aid the rebels who are fighting hard to get their voices heard amidst brutal government suppression. Western news networks (aka the free media®) largely ignored the protests until well into their third week. Facebook keeps frantically deleting fan pages, photos and videos about it and Twitter has blocked #OccupyWallStreet from its trending lists. Such are the highly democratic values of The Land of the Free™!

In fact, the free media® blackout of Occupy Wall Street is such that even Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack Obama initially mistook the movement for a pro-democracy struggle in the Middle East and told reporters,

“Yes, I will ensure that these rebels get our fullest support for their noble cause.I have instructed my freedom-loving military to explore all possible paths to affect a regime change in this country and show them the wonders of American-flavoured democracy.”

Immediately afterwards, a panic-stricken Hillary Clinton whispered to him that this was actually taking place on the streets of the United States and that those ‘rebels’ were in fact terrorists hell-bent on anarchy against the sacred American corporatocracy, much to Obama’s surprise.

Starting as a small student protest in New York City, it has grown into a popular movement that has spread to most major cities of the USA and even Canada, much to the chagrin of the White House. Sources close to Wall Street revealed that a similar movement will start in the UK shortly. Unrest is threatening to put a stop to the seven-figure pay packets of corporate executives and the police have stepped in with 100% non-brutal tactics to stop such a catastrophe from befalling their paymasters.

However, the imminent NATO action might put an end to their attempts. The Occupy Wall Street rebels hope to set up a National Transitional Council in the wake of a successful regime change, but there seems no end in sight to the civil unrest in the USA.