Channel 4 Reveals 100% Brand New and Totally Genuine Evidence of WAR CRIMES®

[TamilNet, Friday, 17 June 2011, 01:00 GMT]

TamilNet is delighted that our wondrous white masters at the totally non-bankrupt Channel 4 have regurgitated their same two-year-old video as “fresh, ultra-mind-boggling and super duper devastating evidence” that the Sinhaloids committed WAR CRIMES® against We Thamizh.



This is great stuff indeed! Nothing pleases our white masters and We Thamizh more than the sight of fellow Tamils being GENOCIDED™. The totally unedited video presents incredible, never-before-seen-since-2009 footage of the Sinhaloid soldiers raping and torturing poor innocent LTTE cadres who had never hurt even a fly.

However, Sinhaloids who have watched “Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields” say that it doesn’t show any scenes of rape or torture, but that is because those lovely scenes are like the emperor’s new clothes: only SMART people can see those! Naturally, genetically superior We Thamizh and our glorious white masters can see the rape scenes and it should come as no surprise that the intellectually inferior Sinhaloids can’t! They just can’t see the hours and hours of footage showing mass rape and torture!

The British government has promptly and decisively reacted to this shocking footage by ordering the eviction of more we Thamizh asylum seekers back to Sri Lanka. As you can see, they are taking the C4 documentary very seriously indeed. Tamil political circles are expecting to see more uch action from our British white masters in the coming days.