Hillary Clinton in Shock and Awe at the Totally Unprecedented Suffering Caused By 100% Non-Fictitious Tamil GENOCIDE™

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 05 May 2009, 01:05 GMT]  

Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State of our White American Masters, has said that the whole world is totally appalled at the mass suffering created by the racist homophobic Sinhaloids in their GENOCIDAL™ war against We Thamizh.

Image: Hilary Clinton and Eelam

It is neither hilarious nor surprising at all for Mrs. Clinton to be saying such things. We are 100% sure that she has never ever seen anything like the war raging in Tamil Eelam. It is much more deadly and violent than the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  After all, she only supported the motion for America to invade Iraq. It’s totally NOT the same as actually being one of those responsible for the thousands of civilian deaths there.

She also expressed concern over the human rights abuses in Sri Lanka, ALL of which are obviously carried out by the Sinhala Only government. Again, she is totally in a good position to talk about human rights in Sri Lanka, especially since there have been absolutely no human rights abuses  carried out by her forces in Iraq whatsoever.

Image: Hilary Clinton and Eelam

In fact, the invasion of Iraq itself was actually a righteous act needed to protect America from the totally non-imaginary WMD’s Saddam Hussein most definitely possessed. Mrs. Clinton is fully qualified to comment on the war in Sri Lanka because her soldiers are doing a stellar job in Iraq and also in Afghanistan.

In fact, her country’s armed forces have done such a fantastic job of containing our totally non-terroristical freedom-fighter brothers of the Taliban and Al Qaeda that they have spilled over from Afghanistan into Pakistan and are within kissing distance of the capital city of Islamabad and Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal. Maybe if the USA and their allies asked for a ceasefire with Osama and Mullah Omar, they just might stop their totally non-fanatical rampage.

image: Osama Bin laden

It may be that our white masters in the USA are totally NOT feeling like a bunch of useless and incompetent losers when they hear that tiny Sri Lanka is defeating the LTTE (which they absolutely are NOT doing anyway).