TamilNet Retraction: YORK Tamil ‘Kazhuthais’ Students Organization Burns the Sri Lankan Flag

[TamilNet, Thursday, 26 February 2009, 01:00 GMT] 

TamilNet regrets to inform that there was a mistake in our fine and stellar Eelam reporting last week when we said that a bunch of Tamil Students of RYERSON University burned the Sri Lankan Flag in Public.  It was in fact the Kazhuthai Tamils of YORK University that held the protest in Vari Hall and Burned the Sinhala flag in protest of the GENOCIDE™ of the LTTE from their 100% undisputed Tamil Only homeland.

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We regret for any misunderstanding as we now know that the brave YORK University Kazhuthai Tamils are actually capable of this and not the stuck up elite of Ryerson.  It is a well known fact that Ryerson University Tamils are descendents of Colombo Chettys and therefore not Smart or Clever or Cunning enough to do what the Kazhuthai Tamils of YORK University did.  

Image: York Uni. students buring the Sri Lankan flag

In addition to the burning of the Flag the Totally Smart and Non-Smelly Kazhuthai Tamils of YORK University marched around the campus to protest the lack of good steady Toilet Cleaning jobs available for when they graduate from there.  Regardless of the economy it is the duty of the Canadian government to provide sufficient Commode Scrubbing Jobs for its Brown-Skinned Janitor Class.

image: York Univercity Tamil Students association

Keep up the good work YORK University Tamils,… We know that more of these completely 100% useful protests will sooner or later get Eelam for us.  

Pulikalin Thagam, thamil Eelath Brap Brap.